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Herve Didier and Belkacem Benhammou co-founded Keep Essentials with a simple vision: helping people find and share useful information about their passion.

Herve Didier Belkacem Benhammou
Herve Didier Founder
Entrepreneur, and teacher in a leading European business school, Herve’s served as marketing director in the tech industry. He co-founded several start-ups.
Belkacem Benhammou Founder
SEO consultant for major E-commerce companies, Belkacem is a CS engineer. He’s lead technical teams of several Internet companies.
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Herve Didier
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Belkacem Benhammou


In the last couple of years, our team has continuously grown to provide our enthusiastic communities with the highest standard of service quality.

Our Editorial Team
Our in-house editorial team with credentials in Finance, High Tech, Travel, Parenting and Sports writes exclusively for Keep Essentials. Additionnally, we work occasionnally with editorial experts from all over the world.
Our Technical Team
More than 50% of our spending is done on R&D and technology development, constantly improving our systems, web hosting and service technologies, for the benefits of our users.


We’re always willing to give talented Technical or Editorial experts a chance to work on our exciting new projects. After verification, if you’d like to join our team, please visit our contact page for further details.